Caustic soda and it’s industrial manufacturing uses

The Chemical Name of Caustic Soda: Sodium hydroxide

The Chemical formula of Caustic Soda is: NaoH

And of course, the common name is “Caustic soda”

Commonly available in two forms

  1. Caustic soda Lye
  2. Caustic soda Flakes

Here are some common uses of Caustic Soda in the industrial manufacturing sector:

Caustic soda or Lye is used for:

  • Candle making in its purest form
  • Soap making
  • Frosting glass
  • And, different uses are found in the food industry and Pharma industry too

Other uses of caustic soda:

  • Biodiesel place of supply
  • Drain cleaner

It’s crucial to ensure that you are signing a statement while purchasing caustic soda that you are not using it for illegal activities. Since its a chemical substance, there are various uses of this product.

So as responsible manufacturers and buyers, we need to ensure that the caustic soda is used for the greater good and put to better use for mankind.

In general, Sodium hydroxide is used to manufacture many everyday products, such as:

  • Paper
  • Aluminum
  • Commercial drain and oven cleaners
  • Soaps
  • Detergents


It is widely used:

  • As drain cleaners that contain sodium hydroxide convert fats and grease that can clog pipes into soap, which dissolves in water.
  • To manufacture soaps and a variety of detergents used in homes and commercial 
  • In cleaning & disinfectant products
  • In pharmaceuticals and medicine
  • In the energy sector, sodium hydroxide is used in fuel cell production. Fuel cells work like batteries to cleanly and efficiently produce electricity for a range of applications 

Did you know, Epoxy resins, manufactured with sodium hydroxide, are used in wind turbines

Sodium hydroxide is also used to produce sodium hypochlorite, a water disinfectant.

So, for municipal water treatment facilities also use sodium hydroxide to control water acidity and to help remove heavy metals from water. 

It has various uses in the industries of wood and paper products, food production, aluminum ore processing

And various other industrial manufacturing uses.

One of the largest consumers of caustic soda is the pulp and paper industry where it is used in pulping and bleaching processes, the de-inking of waste paper and water treatment.

If caustic soda is in surplus, it can be stored if sufficient capacity is available. But if chlorine is in surplus, it cannot be stored easily and production needs to be cut back if the market for chlorine derivatives is already saturated.


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