Ducts and Headers: GRP Piping, GRE and Thermoplastic

We Design, Manufacture & Install Glassfiber Reinforced Plastic GRP/FRP, GRE & Thermoplastic Lined FRP Pipes along with manufacturing Headers, Ducts, Stacks, Special fittings and Thermoshield Piping Systems.

Among our plethora of products and services offerings, we also offer:

Special Fittings:

  • Ducts

  • Headers



A brief introduction of our Business:

Chemical Business Unit: (CBU)

The CBU focuses on conveying highly corrosive fluids. The unit cover the following industries:

  • Chlor-Alkali Membrane Cell Plants
  • SO2 / SO3 Gas Cleaning Plants
  • Power Plants ( Flue Gas Desulphurization systems – FGD)

Water Business Unit: (WBU)

As the name suggests, the WBU focuses on Water as a conveying fluid. The following industries / areas are covered :

  • Desalination Plants
  • Power Plants ( Cooling Water systems)
  • Cross country Potable Water conveyance
  • Waste Water conveyance
  • Fire water system
  • Chilling Water system

Oil & Gas Business Unit: (O&GBU)

The O&GBU is formed to focus on the Oil and Gas Industry. The following areas / services are covered by this unit:

  • Produced Water
  • Potable Water
  • Sea Water
  • Fire Water

Our Services:

In addition to providing best in class FRP/GRP and GRE Pipes and Fittings, we are available for consulting on all issues relating to the use of FRP/GRE piping. Our Installation Team offers on-site expertise, as well as customer training in handling our products

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For more information:

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  • Email: sales(at)cppiping.com

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