Rajpurohit Foundation (RF)

‘Rajpurohit Foundation’ is a non-profit organization founded by our Chairman B. S. Rajpurohit. He feels this is the best way to do his bit for the society in return to what he received during his successful journey.

This initiative revolves around:

  • Education
  • Health


Belonging to a small village in Rajasthan, Shri. B. S. Rajpurohit had to walk far stretched miles to reach his school every day. In order to prevent similar conditions for other kids, Rajpurohit Foundation focuses on providing superior quality of education with the best facilities. The foundation donated Rs.10 million for a school building near Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. Shri. Rajpurohit is personally close to the initiative and frequently visits the project to ensure its speedy completion.

Besides this, Rajpurohit Foundation regularly contributes to various institution in India.


As it is known, the health conditions in rural India are quite poor and demand attention. They even lack basic Healthcare. As Rajpurohit Foundation learnt about this, it set up a hospital at Shivtalav, Rajasthan. It after this initiative that the health of the adjoining villagers has improved as well.

A school in Gujarat, India attended by Tribal students was facing problems poor quality potable water which were leading to stomach ailments of the kids. Shri. Rajpurohit, deeply touched by the incident, installed a RO Water treatment plant and the quality improved drastically.
Result: The students are hale and hearty and do not suffer from stomach ailments anymore.