CPP’s competitive edge

CPP’s large manufacturing capacity for FRP/ GRE piping, combined with consistent quality, is our strength.

GRP Piping, FRP pipes, GRE, Desalination, Water, Power, Oil Gas

We are the only ‘pure play’ FRP/ GRE piping company in India with a focus on chemical, power, desalination, and oil & gas industries.

All our competitors are with general FRP workshops with varied products, which do not allow them to concentrate on a single product.

CPP, on the other hand, carved out a niche by concentrating only on FRP/ GRE piping. And this focus on a single product enables us to bring in improvement in design and capacity building.

Chlor-Alkali Membrane Cell GRP Piping diameter FRP pipes fiberglass reinforced plastic grp piping frp pipes


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  • Email: sales(at)cppiping.com

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Product portfolio and our competitive edge - Chemical Process Piping (CPP)
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Product portfolio and our competitive edge - Chemical Process Piping (CPP)
GRP Piping, FRP pipes, GRE piping, Power, Desalination, Water, Chemicals, Oil and Gas, Market Leaders, Top exporter award winners
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