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gre piping oil and gas frp pipes grp piping cpp

gre piping oil gas cpp grp frp piping pipes

Chemical Process Piping (CPP) foray into design, manufacture installation of GRE piping for oil and gas industry


Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) piping has been used for the Marine & Offshore, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical markets. The article details about CPP foray into Design, Manufacture and Installation of GRE Piping for Oil & Gas Industry.

Oil & Gas industry has been using Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) piping for several years now. These pipes are used in Fire Water service, Produced water, Brine, Hydrocarbon drains, Water/ Oil mixtures

Injection water, Process water, Sour water, NaOH, Potable water, HCL amongst others. The American Petroleum Institute (API) has two classes for GRE pipes namely API 15 LR and API 15 HR besides the API Monogram program. Several major Oil & Gas companies have their own specifications namely Shell DEP, Norsok, ONGC spec amongst others. Hence GRE has proven to be a reliable material of construction in the Oil & Gas industry.

CPP has been in the forefront of GRP and Thermoplastic lined GRP Piping for the Chemical, Power, Desalination and Water conveyance for over 50 years.

Our foray in the Design, Manufacture and Installation of GRE piping for the Oil & Gas industry is relatively new however we have had considerable success in this industry.

In the year 2015 CPP first delivered GRE piping for an LNG plant in India for Fire Water service. The job involved Stress analysis, Surge analysis, manufacture, supply and installation along with excavation. This was the first project involving GRE piping executed entirely by an Indian vendor.

CPP followed by supplying over 50 kms of GRE piping for Fire Water service to Petronas for their RAPID project in Malaysia.

Several other projects in the Offshore as well as Shipping industry followed and CPP has made a mark in the industry as a reliable supplier and installer of GRE piping.

gre piping frp pipes grp manufacturing oil gas

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