We design, manufacture and install the GRP, Thermoplastic lined GRP & GRE products

Material of Construction

GRP FRP Piping GRE pipes

GRP, GRE piping, FRP pipes (Click to Enlarge)


We manufacture our piping with the below mentioned Resin Systems which are selected based on the service conditions

  • Polyester Resin System
  • Vinyl Ester Resin System
  • Bisphenol Resin System
  • Epoxy Resin System
  • Proprietary Resin System

We also use Thermoplastic liner (PVC,PP,PVDF,CPVC) as Chemical resistant layer.

Design and manufacturing standards:

  • DIN 16965 / 16966
  • IS 12709
  • AWWA M45
  • ASTM D2310 / D2992 / D2996
  • ABS
  • AS 2634
  • ISO 14692
  • AWWA C950
  • PS 15-69
  • API 15 LR
  • IS 14402
  • BS 7159

Industries served:

Chemical Business Group (CBG)

  • Non-ferrous Metallurgy
  • Gas Cleaning Plant
  • Oil & Gas / Offshore
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Fertilizer

Water Business Group (WBG)

GRP FRP Piping GRE pipes


Contact Us:

  • CONTACT +91 22 67230600
  • Email: sales(at)cppiping.com

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GRP Piping, GRP Pipes, Thermoplastic, material of construction
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GRP Piping, GRP Pipes, Thermoplastic, material of construction
GRP Piping, GRP Pipes, FRP pipes, Thermoplastic, material of construction
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