ThermoPipe-X (Pre Insulated piping)

Process flow:

  • Production plant
  • Ice Storage
  • Automated Energy Transfer Station
  • Chilled Water Storage
  • Distribution Network
  • Production Plant
  • Free Cooling 

grp gre piping thermopipe

Modern cities are constantly growing and changing. This increases the expectations of efficiency and performance of all types of devices. Their use raises enormous amounts of heat increasing the need for air conditioning.

Air conditioning also plays an important role in everyday life, as the ambient temperature affects people’s well-being whether at work or during leisure time, at home or travelling.

We at CPP are pleased to introduce FRP / GRP and GRE insulated Pipes and Fittings and Ducts (ThermoPipe-X) for our HVAC, Chilled Water System, Cooling Tower requirements. ThermoPipe-X piping system is corrosion resistant resulting in maintenance free operations.

Application of ThermoPipe-X District Cooling GRP Piping – Click here to have a look at the complete visual process

GRP Piping ThermoPipe

GRP / GRE and Thermoplastic Lined GRP Piping system

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Pressure: Upto 64 Bar
  • Easy to install
  • Size: 15 mm – 4000 mm
  • Light weight
  • Design Temp: Upto 140 degrees C


grp piping Insulated Pipes Fittings ThermoShield


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