Nirma Ltd. has been our client for 20 years since we executed their first project in 1997.

It has been our privilege to singularly serve them in design, manufacture and installation of  FRP/ GRP Piping for their Soda Ash, Chlor-Alkali, Bromine, Power & Desalination projects. 

Last year we executed a FRP piping project  for their Power Plant valuing over US $ 2.8 Million. The scope of CPP involved design,  supply and erection of pipes and fittings ranging from 25mm to 2000mm.

Simultaneously ,we executed  additional orders for Nirma for FRP/ GRP piping size ranging from 15mm to 400mm.

Further we executed FRP/GRP Piping for Nirma Ltd’s Desalination plant at Bhavanagar and Kalatalav respectively . Both the orders combined value was at approx. US$ 1 Million . These orders involved Stress Analysis, Surge Analysis, Design, Supply, Erection and Hydrotesting. The size of pipes and fittings range from 15mm to 1000mm diameter.

 GRP Piping Continuous Filament Winding CFW Plant

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