Power Seraya: World’s first full scale Desalination plant to use the large diameter SWRO technology: GRP Piping

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power seraya desalination singapore plant grp piping

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About the Plant

This is the world’s first full scale Desalination plant to use the large diameter SWRO technology.

The plant is located alongside the 3000 MW Pulau Seraya Power station in Singapore. Sea water passes through Granular Media Filters for pretreatment and subsequently through a two pass SWRO system. The plant has capacity of 10 MLD (9 MLD Service water + 1 MLD drinking water)


We designed and manufactured GRP Piping as per ASTM 2992, ASTM 2996 and AWWA C 950 The pipes and fittings were manufactured using cross filament winding technology and impregnated with vinylester resin (Derakane Momentum 411- 350) of M/s Ashland Chemicals.. The Piping were designed for 6 bar pressure. After the piping was delivered to site, a local installation company took over and installed the GRP Piping based on our specifications. The entire piping network was tested at 1.5 times the design pressure.

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