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Learn About Us

Chemical Process Piping Pvt.Ltd.(CPP) is the world largest in the field of design, manufacturing and installation of FRP/GRP, GRE and Thermoplastic lined FRP/GRP Pipes and Fittings for the Water, Power(FGD Systems, Cooling Water lines, Desalination), Chemical, Metallurgy, Oil & Gas Industries.

Our customer-centric approach along with our quest for high quality have ensured that CPP is considered as one of the best company to work with.CNC machines enable us to manufacture superior quality Pipes, Ducts, Headers and Stacks to sustain high corrosive fluids at high temperatures.We possess the capability to manufacture from 15 mm up to 4000 mm diameter Pipes and Fittings. Stress Analysis and other static calculations help us design Pipes to withstand pressures up to 64 bars. Our GRP pipes and fittings are tested by TÜV SÜD, Institute of Plastic in Germany,while our GRE pipes design are reviewed by API, American Petroleum Institute as per API 15LR and provided license to apply API Monogram Mark.

CPP connects to its international clients through a combination of direct selling and local Marketing office. Our initiatives in the international market have ensured the consistent growth in our export earnings. CPP is certified by several key testing authorities and conforms to a exhaustive list of design codes/ industry standards & norms.

Our products are designed and manufactured in accordance to the either of following Standard Guidelines:

  • DIN 16965 / 16966
  • ASTM 2310 / 2992 / 2996
  • ISO 14692
  • IS 12709
  • API 15LR
  • AWWA C 950
  • PS 15-69
  • BS 7159 and
  • AS 2634

Chemical Business Unit

Oil & Gas Business Unit

Water Business Unit

Our Services

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